Hospital Administrators

Hospital Administrators

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Benefits of webWOC-Educated CWOCNs

With today’s administration costs in a seemingly constant state of escalation, the webWOC Nursing Education Program offers an affordable educational opportunity that will reap a maximum return on your investment.


What Can You Expect from a webWOC Graduate?

  • Minimize potential for lawsuits through evidence-based wound, ostomy and continence management (i.e. risk assessment, documentation, continuity of care).
  • Maximize reimbursement and profit with appropriate and accurate assessment and documentation that captures coding and OASIS documentation requirements.
  • Avoid time-consuming and costly remediation interventions through comprehensive skin and wound care programs that meet The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) requirements.
  • Implement programs to address Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Federal Tags 314 for pressure ulcers and 315 for incontinence and urinary catheters.
  • Decrease caregiver time through standardization of products, simplifying procedures and decreasing the frequency of procedures by providing alternative interventions.
  • Save money for materials (i.e. specialty beds and dressings) through standardization, appropriate selection, and utilization of products.
  • Decrease costs for prevention by linking preventive interventions to risk level.

Time Committment

The Full Scope program (wounds, ostomies, continence) generally takes 6-8 months to complete. We recommend learners dedicate two (2) hours per day to studying (depending on knowledge in the content area) and work .8, in order to learn the large amount of content during the didactic portion of the program. However, many learners elect to maintain full-time employment. To get the most out of the Clinical Practicum, learners should spend 2-3 days per week with their preceptor, so they can attend to the same patient multiple times, and witness their progress.

Program Costs

Learning with the webWOC Nursing Education Program allows you to be cost efficient while obtaining a high quality education experience for your employees.  Click here for Program Costs and please visit our Poster Gallery for the most up-to-date public record on our Program Outcomes.  There are no travel requirements unless the learner needs to travel for clinical (which is unlikely).  Therefore, there are no additional costs for flights, hotel stays, food, time lost at work, ect. 

webWOC Nursing Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of the webWOC Nursing Education Program is to provide evidence-based education to nurses in the specialty of wound, ostomy and continence care, while emphasizing the significant contribution the WOC nurse can make in risk management, quality management, cost control and production.


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